Slim Chance

Mr L’s sweater yarn is, on the face of it, still in Leicestershire. However it has “arrived at hub” in Hinckley twice now, if the tracking is to be believed, so I imagine (hope… trust) that the record from yesterday is actually of it leaving there. It seems to remain a long way off from delivery, wherever it has got to.

I am still neglecting to edge the Warriston. The task of picking up the hem stitches is not an enticing one and the light levels remain poor. The new cowl however makes good progress, though will likely stall tomorrow once I have borrowed the needle points for making the large hooded cowl. For now my little piece of cashmere fluff carries on and has five of 13 lace repeats done.

The weather remains awful and is not conducive to very much at all. I am still in comfort-seeking mode and unwilling to work very hard at all. Much of today was spent in planning our menus for the holidays – prompted largely by the order forms in December’s edition of our local newsletter.  We have gradually reached the conclusion that a shopping trip to Kirkwall is likely not to happen and so our celebratory meals will have to be sourced locally or by post. We are not doing too badly at present and have cheese and chocolate covered after placing orders on the Internet yesterday. I have filled in the form from the local shop and can now look forward to wild boar meat (!), free-range chook, and fresh double cream. The fish van is due to visit on the 17th December. Many bases are now covered and I can now plan dinner for Mr L’s birthday with some confidence. Our wedding anniversary meal is at a lower level of confidence just yet. Some store cupboard items may elude us here and fresh black olives might provide a challenge. There is however a suggestion that a weather window may appear a week on Tuesday…

Lists need to be made and items checked off, before a shopping list can be deduced and readied in case I go to town. Perhaps I’ll get that done tomorrow. I also want to place an order with my wholefoods supplier and that needs to be done sooner rather than later or it won’t appear until too late.

Also tomorrow – spinning group in the pm and beans and jacket potatoes to bake in the am, floor-washing and bottle bank in-between.

In Other News – Mr L has ordered me a Situ scale. In turn he has promised to take the 5:2 diet more seriously and commit to losing weight. I wonder how long that will last? Anyway, it means that I must be good too. Oh, dear.

I am quite excited about the scale as my existing ones are becoming increasingly inaccurate and my bread dough alternates between being far too wet (not a real problem) and way too dry (very much a problem). Given that I weigh my liquid for accuracy …


The nutrition-counting feature of the scale will not be accessible until such time as we have an Apple device to run the associated app (we are Android people). Mr L is seeking a good value re-furb. It’s not the only toy that he is looking for. More of that when he is successful.

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