Pie in the sky hopes

Busy, busy day today. The morning dawned fair and I managed to get one laundry load out, my duvet cover, but by the time that the bottom sheet and pillow cases were ready to hang out, the sun had been replaced by grey cloud. I gather that the sun still shines down South – no fair! I hate having to use the tumble dryer.

A big pack of bacon bits bought at the shop this weekend has so far turned up in a chowder yesterday, a butternut squash, bacon and sage risotto today and a Bacon and Egg pie currently cooling in the kitchen. There’s enough left for a breakfast roll later this week.

mmmmm.... pie
mmmmm…. pie

The pie is for a picnic, which is why I should quite like to see my sun returned, please.

Brunhilde’s solar panel arrived today but we apparently still lack some adhesive gubbins, meaning that the panel can not yet be fixed and may now have to wait until next Spring due to the minimum temperature requirement for the adhesive to fix..

All in all, we have missed the boat on the recent sun. In future years we can be more responsive to good weather but for now, work has the upper hand.

I too still have work remaining – first up this afternoon, cat trays. Oh, how I love cat trays (not).


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