What a mess

I have been looking at my photo site and realising:

…that I am paying for a domain but not doing anything with it

…that I used to take some quite nice photographs but

…that I don’t seem to be doing that any longer

…I think that I really miss my Canon

I need to whip my images into order all round actually. I doubt that I shall be doing that before we come home again. Travelling is what got me into the mess that I am in with my files in the first place!

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It’s a reasonable day today and thus we have the back doors standing open. This means that Chloé can come and go as she pleases (she refuses to use the cat flaps and expects us to give her ingress and egress via the sitting room window). We were taking a coffee break in between sorting out the van, when we heard a strange Chloé-type noise. I did not like it. I wondered if she hadContinue readingThanks!

Petunias always make me think of Dinghies

Petunias always make me think of Dinghies

It has been a busy day, not much time for anything. We walked the dog this morning but I took no photographs until I decided to take a few potshots in the village on our way back.

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  1. Andy Turton
    October 28, 2019

    You only need to ask for it back. We have others and the one on the phone’s pretty neat. It’d be no trouble.

    • October 28, 2019

      That is a most generous offer and I appreciate it very much but (always a but, isn’t there….) You don’t have the Canon. I traded that in for my Olympus before we left Scotland. It is long gone.

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