Cautiously, we begin again

Letting the light back in

Well, Dreamhost have stopped complaining for now. I think that it may be time to cautiously rekindle the blog and regain some connection with the world. Unfortunately I am feeling these feels right at the point at which we have lost the use of our good data SIM and have limited transfer capability. We have minimal data on Roaming for now. I shall need to be succinct.

First things first: I have been exercising the Air Fryer and I want to update my notes on that so that next time I can recall the details and not have to re-invent wheels. In addition, I have a new kitchen toy for the van – a Thermal Cooker. I hope to keep up notes on that one too.

Both toys came in very handy in cooking various celebratory meals over the past few weeks. The Air Fryer in particular keeps on proving its value. I have no idea how I would have managed without it.

If I can find the discipline, I’ll catch up on those before beginning any “me” stuff.

As for the “me” stuff, I fear there is nothing on the crafty front to interest or entertain. I have not been busy. What I have been doing is… losing weight. I do not wish to be a bore so for now I am simply going to celebrate the fact that I have lost, to my best guess, a couple of stones and a whole dress size. So, go, me.

Mr L is also interested in losing some weight and has suggested that we attempt a low-carb lifestyle once we arrive home. I am up for it. So, we are going Keto. I would be very happy to correspond or compare advice and notes with anyone doing similarly as this is a whole new venture for me. I know nothing. Let’s be having those recipe suggestions!

Oh, for those not keeping up: I am in Portugal. In Sagres, aka The End of the World. See Two Snails for details (not up to date at this time of writing). It is eternal Summer here.

Captured on New Year’s Day

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Hot, hot, hot

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Recent movements of the: Two Snails

It’s coming…

It’s coming…

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Well, that was unexpected…

Well, that was unexpected…

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