The learning curve is steep

I added the second kit lens to my new camera this afternoon and set the camera onto Aperture Priority. I was expecting a step change in quality but did not get it. I think this was my favourite shot.

The lens is a zoom covering 40 mm to 150 mm. I tried it at both ends of its range whilst standing in the same spot

At 40 mm
at 150 mm

I seemed to have issues with close focussing

Overall the results seem to be a little dark, most of the shots needed the shadows lifting.

The learning curve is certainly steep. I think I need to read the manual. I find it annoying that the so-called manual in the box actually has only a handful of English pages that actually tell nothing of any use. I expected, having got off Auto, that my output would be in RAW but I still got jpegs. I need to find out how to set the quality of the images. I also need to find out how to set the ISO because at the moment I cannot find any way of stopping the camera from making its own mind up on the subject!

Yes, I could get the disk out now, insert it and read it … but I cannot extract the disk from the cupboard whilst the table is up and has my lappie on it. Honestly, at this end of the day it just feels like too much trouble.

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