I wanted to stop in bed today

Everything here seems to be two steps forward and then one back again. Things keep breaking. The latest is my PC. It appears to have a corrupted boot sector on the HDD. No. I do not have backups. I thought that I did but apparently we no longer run a server.

Vincent makes progress but the leak on the air suspension stubbornly refuses to be repaired. A whole host of tasks have been completed however and yesterday a solar panel was added where the satellite dish used to be.

I managed to shift a significant mass of stuff from the property over the past couple of days. Five large plastic storage crates, with contents, have gone –  plus a small loom, a suitcase and a travel bag. The aforesaid satellite dish also went to a new home. I am beginning to see spaces appearing where heaps used to be.

Mr L had to get out of bed early to sign for post.

He’s been spoiling me, even though I said not to

I am going to nurture these (ho, ho) and just have one a day…

Yum yum

and now I must go, as I have been summoned to the kitchen to eat my dinner (Piri Piri chicken with new potatoes, garlic mushrooms and courgettes, followed by Raspberry Eton Mess, Biscuits and cheese)

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It’s coming…

It’s coming…

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Well, that was unexpected…

Well, that was unexpected…

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  1. Oh what a scrummy looking box of chockits. I presume they’re a “completely ordinary, nothing special at all” day present. smoochies.

  2. May 26, 2017

    The dark chocolate only Hotel Chocolat selection is very good and I recognise a lot of those ones in your box. Yum! Enjoy.

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