30 Days Wild: 23

Day 23

Day 23 of 30 Days Wild and we are having a day off from the big DIY project. The sun came out too!



Mr L’s idea of taking a day off included driving round the island’s shops. I took a snap in his offside mirror


It’s getting a little wild and woolly out there!

The rain reappeared when we went in for lunch but the sun came out to greet us when Mr L brought his mower out. Me, I took the camera around to see how things were doing.

Happily, the mower was able to steer around the Northern Marsh Orchids, of which I can now count ten plants.


Sadly, the buttercups and daisies have taken a beating.

I saw my first butterfly for several weeks, a Large White, but it was motoring too fast for me to capture it with the camera.

The Iris are coming along nicely now, though most are not yet flowering.

irises (1 of 1)


The Iris beds are providing a habitat it seems for a most unusual form of wildlife!

untitled shoot-004_FB

30DAYSWILD_ID1 black

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