Bere Bannocks: The Toast Test

An important part of my bread adventures is the Day 2 test. How does it eat when not fresh from the oven? I cannot answer this question as Mr L skipped straight to The Toast Test, intended for Day 3. Nor can I offer a photograph, as the evidence has been eaten.

He split his bannock prior to toasting it for his breakfast. It was declared “delicious” and he went back to toast the last piece. None left for me to sample.

Mr L says that he loves the flavour – says it’s sort of creamy – and much prefers the texture over soda bread, which he does not love at all (a pity, as I do!)

He did admit that eating two for breakfast was just a little too much… but as I noted, not so much too much that there was any left for me. (Gotcha there, dear heart.)

Given such an enthusiastic reception plus the fact that these bannocks are so very quick and easy to make – faster even than soda bread, they shall be appearing on our table again. I plan to experiment with different flours too, beginning with oatmeal.

The UPS was clicking on and off last night – the generator supply must be confusing it a little, then the Internet dropped out a little while ago (but is back now), and we have a planned power cut tomorrow. Everything feels just a little “off” and I’m a little thrown. Routine is suffering and I know that I am being ineffective. I really must knuckle down to some work soon.

The Matinée Jacket is finally dry – I can pop it into the crate and close the lid now… though still have vague notions of baking. I’m trying to suppress them.

One thing that I really must do today is to charge camera batteries, empty memory cards, and clean lenses. Then we have to cross our fingers for suitable weather on Friday – the forecast has been steadily improving day by day as I have checked it. It’s now looking as though the day will be dry, but cloudy. I hope the Met Office can promise us a little sun in the final forecast.

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