Time to get back into the swing, I think.

Glad to say that things are happening and productivity is up. I’m sadly lacking on the UFO Reduction Plan, but let us simply gloss over that… and we’ll get back to it before too long.

Blue Blob

Currently active on the needles:

  • Super Secret Socks. 1 done, the other is in the early leg stage, but I plan to have it finished by the weekend.
  • Joshaqan socks – my June effort for the Silk Road Socks KAL. 2 of 3 leg repeats done on the first sock
  • Flambe shawl in Machair 400 in Making Mischief. 5 of 9 body repeats completed

I confess that I am knitting all three in a fairly disorganised concurrency. I simply pick up what I feel like working on, and I knit a bit until I require a change of scenery.

No so active:

  • The whirly red thing. This is driving me demented. I’ll return to it when the Blue Blob is complete

Currently active on the wheels

  • Zwartbles on the Trad. Active? Maybe not.
  • Merino pencil roving on the Traveller. Made heaps of progress on this today at Spinning and really surprised myself by that.

I am spinning it too fine. May have to make a 3 ply yarn.

Nothing on the looms at present.

Will have to return to Kirkwall this week. Tomorrow would be best but I expect that I shall go on Friday instead. I’ll take the Super Secret Socks with me this time.

So, what are you up to this WIP Wednesday? Show us what  you’ve got.

WIP Wednesday (Shellyfish)

WIP Wednesday (Tamis Amis)

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It’s coming…

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