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Time to start catching up with some FO posts, I think!

My second pair of socks from the Silk Road Socks book. Knitted from an unusually heavy yarn, for me.

Mood (sometimes spelled Muud or Moud) is a small town in eastern Iran. The town has a long textile history, and rugs from the area are generally considered to be of a very high quality.

Mood rugs use several different designs but share some common characteristics. The background of these rugs nearly always features a small-scale, closely-packed, repeated motif. This creates an almost tiled effect that is very soothing despite the intricate design. These socks build on this idea by repeating a single simple element across the entire sock.

Pattern: Mood by Hunter Hammerson, from the Silk Road Socks book

Yarn: Nyoni by Fleece Artist in Salt Spray: 65% Wool, 20% Mohair, 10% Nylon, 5% Silk
4ozs, 410 yards
Notes: Modified by shifting chart A round to allow rib to flow into it. Also continued rib down to toes.

The simple pattern of the leg is repeated throughout, but gradually elongated in each repeat down the foot.

I knitted these on my usual 2.5mm needles but believe that they would have been better done on a larger needle. The stocking stitch section makes a nice fabric but I would have liked to see the pattern open up more.

An unusually chunky sock for me, but very soft and comfortable on the foot due to the wonderful Nyoni yarn.

The yarn was comfortable on the purse too – just around £8, postage included — all the way from the USA.

All these photographs show the socks straight from the needles – I have not yet washed and blocked them… so that pattern may well yet open up a little.

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