Almost FO Friday

Hello Friday, it is good to see you wheel around again. We have a finished object… kind of. The Clapotis lurched to an end last night and now needs some stitches uravelling and a wash and block. Unfortunately I made something of a mess of the finishing section and I am inclined to reknit it. I was being mean with my yarn, and that was a stupid idea.

Items in need of blocking now: Bridgewater, Clapotis (maybe) and a Ripley.

Good news on the photography front — Mr L has sent away for a new card reader for me. This means that I shall soon be able to take a more reasonable shot of the yarn that I wish to show you on Tuesday. My pocket camera refuses to show it as anything other than a true blue, which it most definitely is not.

I seem to be battling a virus. Feeling mugwumpish because of that, so I am not hanging around here. I am going to make spaghetti and meatballs and then crack on with Mingus sock number 2.  What I should be doing is re-tidying my workroom, which now has sock yarn all over the floor, but I want to be ready to start Gordes on Tuesday.

Have a good weekend.

I wonder if Mr L will let me put the heating on today or if I should go find my thermals. I feel very shivery.

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