2011 Knitting

This is the year of the Great UFO Purge. In order to reduce the size of the workbasket I am hoping to implement a discipline of completing at least two projects before beginning a new one. This seems to  have worked for January, only 11 months of sterling resolve remaining!

As of early February, I began to manage the cleanup plan (see here and here) — when it became evident that I had 41 UFOs. Lord  only knows how long that kind of routine will hold, but if I can manage it I should be able to get the unfinished pile down to a more respectable size.

Now, this all sounds very achievable — but I am also attempting to knit a pair of socks each month from Silk Road Socks. That means that I have to finish two projects before casting on for the sock KAL. Clearly, one project will be the previous month’s socks — hopefully the other will be a UFO.

The clearer witted reader will have realised by now that further UFOs will have to be cleared if I am to start on any of my queued projects in 2011.

I don’t see how it can be done, but I plan to try.


  • New Projects:  4
    • Ripley hat * 2
    • Antalya hat
    • Clapotis
  • New Projects Completed:
    • Ripley hats * 2
  • UFOs Completed: 2
    • Bridgewater Shawl
    • Mingus Socks

January did not quite work out as although the Clapotis was finished, I actually want to frog it back a distance and re-knit the end section. Now designated a UFO rather than an FO.

Four items started. Four items completed.


  • New Projects:
    • Norie Hat
    • Gördes Socks
  • New Projects Completed:
    • Norie hat
    • Clapotis
  • UFOs Resurrected
    • Ruffled Fichu
    • Orange/Brown weaving
  • UFOs Completed:
    • none yet

25/2/11 Two items started, two revived, two new projects completed. Antalya finished knitting but in need of grafting.

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