Further Thrills

Clearly a good (and thrilling) Thursday today.

I just spent a few wonderful and magical minutes in the garden. I took Nell out for her post-play wee. It was dark, so I took the big torch out with me. The night is frosty and slightly misty and, rare for us, completely still and silent. While I waited for Nell to sniff out a spot, I saw  something big and white and fluttery over her head. I aimed the torch  and saw an owl, flying completely silently at about my eye level. It flew away a few feet, then towards me, and back to Nell to take another look at her. It flew back at me, looking me full in the face/torch beam. It was in no hurry to depart, as bold as brass it was, flying between the two of us and low over the grass in search of a rodent dinner.

It was just too wonderful to express in words. One of those very rare  moments of complete perfection in life.

The other thrilling thing that happened today was Mr L being invited to attend a national meeting — as an expert on weather station display software. Sadly, the meeting is in the South West of England and with too little notice to arrange time off from the day job, even if expenses are payable. He can’t go. But I think it is absolutely wonderful that he has been recognised for what he does in his spare time.

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It’s coming…

It’s coming…

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Well, that was unexpected…

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  1. Susan aka paintermom
    November 26, 2010

    That is so wonderful for him! It must feel really good to be validated that way.

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