Returning to normal

It feels quite odd not to have as much on my back as I have had for the last couple of months.  I confess that in an effort to get Sanday Spinners up and running I expect to focus much of my blogging activity there for a while but I do promise to spend more time here than I have of late – and more time on Ravelry too! I am pressingly aware of a backlog of communications there.

Today I am trying to prioritise the many jobs that I have outstanding. The workroom needs sorting out . Nothing new there to be sure, but now I need to have a clear space for preparing  mailing packages to go out – and we need some stock space as well! I have cast on for my next knitting commission but only managed two rows so far. I need to get a move on if the package is to reach Santa in plenty of time for his deliveries. I cannot even mention the state of my housekeeping at this time. There are twenty-six messages over on Rav awaiting my attention -  and I have sent no RAK packages out in the longest time.

I feel like a bunny on the headlamps -  and all I managed to do yesterday with my newly-free time was to sit at my computer and watch the page stats rising on our new site. It was fun, though 🙂


As you can see, we opened quietly a little early – then launch day worked just as well as we could ever have hoped!

We also have an “Who’s Online” tool and it was even more fun to watch the vistors coming and going and watch the bots crawling the site as well.

But normality must be resumed soon – and I shall start tomorrow with a trip to town – I have’t been shopping for weeks, and the cupboards are very bare. We have been eating some strange “scratch” meals for the last couple of weeks.

I promise a Show and Tell this very week, probably a WIP Wednesday too, and even an FO Friday. How’s that for value? I’ve missed you all. Really, I have.

By the way, if you haven’t visited the new site – do, please. I’m proud of my work there and a few pats on the back would be a very welcome return for all that work and, after all, there are prizes to be won!

There is also p/hop news regarding the Shop. Gill and I have decided to donate to p/hop a percentage of any profit that we might make between its opening, and the end of the year. If it works out, we shall keep on doing it. That feels like a very proper decision and it pleases me no end. It typifies our approach to the business, that it should be a pleasure to participate in -  and neither a chore nor a rush to get rich quick.

That’s all – I have a neglected hubby in need of some quality time. I’ll be back on Tuesday.

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