Stuff in progress

WIP Wednesday and I am late. Been chasing my tail all day… and still not ready to do a WIP roundup. Please forgive if a tad rough about the edges…

Spinning group this morning seemed large, although we were only 7 and it could have been much worse — all the same, felt could not move for fear of falling over a wheel 🙂 I was running very late and failed to bake a cake, so dug out last week’s cake — thank goodness gingerbread only improves for keeping! Was actually in the middle of preparing some savouries for my lunch (( pastry rolls –  like sausage rolls, but filled with a mixture of chopped gammon, onion, mushrooms, breadcrumbs and herbs, bound with beaten egg)) when ladies began arriving to spin. I begged them to spare me for 10 minutes while I continued with those before putting the kettle on and getting down to the serious business. Made concrete apologies later by letting them eat warm savouries — was told I had now upped the ante on the Wednesday baking front…

There was much displaying of Aestlight shawls in various stages of manufacture. Spinning Gill had brought one of my completed ones to show how a contrast yarn might be used and P took the prize for most progress, as her centre triangle of dusty blue Toddy was already completed. E was hot on her heels with a shocking pink Silk Blend version moving rapidly to full size. The pupils were definitely outstripping the teachers, as Gill and I both had only a small triangle to show. I am happy to say that mine has grown a little this afternoon….

A way to go yet

As P has already picked up for her border, I must now get a skate on or I shall not be able to demonstrate when problems arise.

This means that the Bridgewater remains on hold

Doesn't look like much, does it?
But the beginnings of lace are just about discernible

However, the 22 Leaves Shawlette Mystery KAL shawl that was started on Sunday is now finished. This is it unblocked — it is now in the sink ((I’m a wee bit cross with myself as I forgot to weigh it first so that I can work out the yardage)). We may have FO shots this Friday, you never know.

Ready to block

Oh, here is more WIPpage –  as even the socks have made some progress!

Gusset in progress

Productive little beast, ain’t I?

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It’s coming…

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Well, that was unexpected…

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