It is WIP Wednesday

It is WIP Wednesday

Is there an echo in here? Why, yes, there is! For this week’s Work in Progress is an Echo Flower Shawl, which I am knitting in Gloaming from The Yarn Yard. This project is the third or fourth cast on that I have made with this ball of yarn and I think that at last I may have found the right pattern and yarn combination.

Echo Flower Shawl WIP - two thirds completed

My Dancing Shadows project began  life back in March and went into hibernation while the Colourmart Lovers thing was going on. I took it back out this week as part of my August UFO-busting effort. This is my fourth UFO effort so far this month. When I put it away, I had five repeats of the flower body pattern done. (approx 20% complete)

The shawl version calls for 13 repeats – and 880 yards. I have 874 yards. It’s tight. I tried spreadsheeting but it is very difficult to calculate for the nupps. Overall, I believe that I shall cut it short at 12 repeats of the body chart and just be certain of avoiding disaster. I have completed 11 repeats so far. Not looking forward to the nupping. Feel free to cheer  me on!

Completed this week: the Twisted Socks (Aug 13) and the Very Terhi mitts (for some values of complete – more of this later)

I shall be reviving the Rhytidome triangle next week, after this shawl is finished perhaps, but certainly by Tuesday as I shall be requiring a ferry project. (Unless I decide to get rid of that particular UFO by frogging. It’s on the cards.)

The remainder of this week will be horribly busy. I need to tame the craft room and attempt to unearth some items for the Craft Fair on Sunday. Mr L starts his hols on Friday and we shall be in DIY mode once more, with floor boards raised and paint cans open. You will realise that his plans and my requirements do not entirely mesh.

Blog service will resume at some point. There may well be FOs to share — but perhaps not this particular Friday.

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  1. August 18, 2010

    Wow, that color is beautiful! What a vibrant green! Good luck taming the craft room! That’s a job in itself. 🙂

  2. August 18, 2010

    I love that shade of green! Regarding the nupps- I hated nupps. They made my wrists hurt. But I read somewhere (It might have been on pepperknit blog?) that if you were to make a 5 st nupp, instead of purling 5 sts together you purl two together, then 3 together and slip the first st over the latter (if that makes any sense to you..:-) I did that for my estonian scarf, and I am now a nupp-fan 🙂

  3. August 18, 2010

    Beautiful shawl and I love the color. Good luck with the craft room. I cleaned out mine two weeks ago and I can finally breathe again in there.

  4. August 19, 2010

    beautiful color of green. Ok…pleading virgin ignorance…what is a nupp?

    • August 19, 2010

      A Nupp is a peculiar form of knitter’s torture.

      It’s a bobble with a posh name and originates from the Estonian knitters’ tradition (see here)

      Basically you [K1,YO] several times into the same stitch – making an odd multiple of stitches (5,7,9 or more, if you wish) from the one stitch. On the return journey you purl all those loops together, to return to the one stitch again. This can be challenging if you don’t make the loops loose enough in the first place.

      Nupps hold many terrors for the nervous or unwary knitter, including the inadvertent loss of stitches not properly purled in with the others… Go on, ask me how I know :-p

      Estonians must be inordinately fond of bobbles.
      Can’t stand them myself (bobbles, I mean, not Estonians)

      A well-known pattern exhibiting use of nupps would be Evelyn Clarke’s Swallowtail Shawl. I am a survivor of two Swallowtail projects. Sadly, nobody awarded me a badge for this.

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