WIP it quick

I’m all at sixes and sevens today, courtesy of a very long phone call this morning. Everything is behind, so I shall be brief.

The Colourmart Lovers thing begins tomorrow and I have been lining up my projects in readiness. The two new ones do not count as WIPs for today, and you shall see those next week. However, I am trying to clear some real UFOs in the WIP category and have just been taking the start point photos for uploading to Ravelry.

Frozen Leaves

@ 19 May - 6 repeats previously completed

Morning Surf

@ 19 May - Morning Surf with 6-ish repeats completed. Colour much nicer than it appears here!

Both in 2/28NM Cashmere/Silk/Merino laceweight – which is a fabulous yarn to work with.

I’ll bit and bob on these in between the two new projects, to stave off boredom and avoid RSI. I should probably finish the shawl first, as it competes for yarn with the scarf.

Tomorrow I shall be casting on for the Snowbird cardigan and I cannot wait! I may cast on for the Link scarf as well, just so that I know that it is there – but maybe not. All depends on how hard the Snowbird bites me 😉

The main worry regarding the Snowbird is that I am knitting on circulars. I am at least 3 times slower on circs than I am on straights and this is partly due to comfort levels and being unable to knit for as long, as well as not so fast in actual knitting speed. I am not sure that I can get enough time in on the cardi to deliver it on time. I’ve allowed 21 days and I know that I could do this with straight needles, but is it realistic when I am using circs? Honest answer? No.

I will give it my best shot, though.

I’m off to upload these shots and then to make lunch. How I wish that when I return I could cast on that cardigan! Maybe some blanket squares this afternoon… or perhaps some weaving. Yes, weaving – I need to get this project off the loom so that I can begin the new one.

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