There is a vacancy…

There is a vacancy at my desk today, and it is me. I am completely shattered. So tired that I cannot even begin to think where to start. Maybe I won’t.  Perhaps I’ll just give up on today.

In the mail: more sock yarn scraps, these from hilltopkatie. Thanks very much, Katie.

One of the side effects of my call for sock yarns scraps has been the small collection of Moo business cards that I am building. I love Moo cards, especially the original small ones – but, like many people (seemingly) I also took advantage of the special offer that they did recently on standard business cards. I love mine, and it’s great to see other people’s. I am wondering about setting up a Moo Card swap at some point.

Katie’s Moo card has a Hairy Coo on it, which was exceptionally nice to see.

Anyway, until I can find a round tuit – if you want to do a 1:1 Moo card swap with me, shout out in the comments – just say whether you want to swap business cards or the original format Moo (mini) cards, of which I do have a few left. (My Business cards are the promo-flashed ones, but I am seriously considering treating myself to some full priced ones soon.) I just wish that I could justify treating myself to some of the other products and have my own postcards etc.

We have reached the gale season – the Vernal Equinox approaches. Seen we will be out the other side and looking at the approaching Spring. In the meantime, the dogs don’t want to stay out long enough to pee and I am in danger of being blown clean off my feet. I almost lost Mr L’s handspun hat this morning – I chose it as an especially clingy one, but the wind just lifted it clean off my head anyway. It’s all a very good excuse for comfort eating and I am about to go and make a (very) spicy tomato sauce – in which I shall simmer some meatballs, the whole lot to be dumped on some fresh spaghetti and adorned with oodles of parmesan. Garlic bread with that?

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It’s coming…

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Well, that was unexpected…

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  1. March 19, 2010

    I have the mini moo cards I use them as tags on my gifted hand knits and on my handspun.
    I picked the card specially, I thought you might appreciate it, I took the photo in Mull 2 Christmases ago.
    I also have the other cards with my photos on, I worked out the cost per card and it actually was cheaper than spending a couple of pounds on cards for occasions anyway, particularly if I order a few things to split the postage.

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