Holey Moley

The task of taking up the floorboards in the train room began yesterday. Today we finished the job off. There was swearing. Loud swearing. The dogs flew into their various hidey holes. I went to investigate. There was a large hole in the plasterboard wall, under the window and above the radiator. This caused, apparently, by the removal of an extra long floorboard. I suspect that a measure of inattention was also involved.

The last of the boards are now up and the underfloor has been swept and mopped and is presently drying. The jury is out on the matter of whether to lay carpet tiles today or to leave it until next weekend.

The second Warning sock was completed and grafted in bed last night. I was thrilled with my competence and my UFO-bashing discipline. However, in the light of day this morning, I discovered a very large hole in the lace rib cuff. Lots of stitches running. I can’t decide whether to do some surgical repair or to frog it and re-knit the sock entirely. How on earth did it happen? How could it not have been spotted before? You may well ask, but I have no answer. I am entirely puzzled. Anyway: Pride —> Fall.

On the UFO-bashing front, I got out the Bayret hat to finish next. While trying to work out how far it had got, I decided that it was better frogged and re-started. It simply was not up to scratch. Being frogged, this is no longer a UFO and has returned to the “planned projects” pile. I’m undecided whether or not to take the yarn for socks, but I really do want to make the Bayret at some point.

The UFO heap yielded up the second Very Terhi mitten for a substitute candidate. I’m halfway through the first repeat and suddenly remembering why these mitts are a UFO. I really hated knitting the first one! I’m not enjoying the second one either but I am going to stick it out. I may have to intersperse it with some lace shawl knitting, though. Other wise it will send me round the twist. Especially as I don’t even like the finished product very much at all. It’s only because I invested so much effort in the first mitt that I’m not frogging the whole beastly project.

I cannot believe that it is still only 3pm. Why is it not beer o’clock yet?

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  1. March 21, 2010

    3pm is beer o’clock, or at least in this house it is!
    I am collapsed in a chair after digging a trench for the septic tank pipework at my parents… I feel too tired to even contemplate knitting.

  2. March 21, 2010

    It’s tea o’clock here 😉 I wish I had storage for UFOs, a caravan/ small living space is great discipline for not starting what you will procrastinate about finishing! A bit of crochet hook work not enough to rescue the sock? I grieve on your behalf!

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