Goodbye to the North

Here we are, galloping towards the end  of April and it is time to take stock of the last two months and Project Spectrum. Generally it was pleasing. There was considerable output: the Invincible Summer hat, the Winter-white Alpine Butternut Scarf, the properly-green Northern Neighbour cowl and the also-green Laeticia socks all began and completed within the North schedule.

There were incomplete projects too; Tay-lor-made socks, Echoes of Eden fingerless gloves, and the Laminaria Shawl… though I have every hope of getting the gloves done today, they aren’t at the point of writing complete. I also fell by the wayside on the Green of the Day photography, though it went well to begin with. As for the spinning… *sigh*

Worse still – there were plans that never got close to fruition. These included photography plans to document northward views and stone walls. Knitting plans that never got off the ground included a beaded scarf project in sock wool.

None of these “failures” make me want to beat myself up. Within this time frame I had some other work to do; quite intensive work it was too. On the knitting front I began, and completed a man’s sweater and a circular shawl and with one eye on my stated goal for the year, I picked up some UFOs for completion and a  Swallowtail shawl and a Cascading Leaves shawl fell off the needles.

There was also a new cast-on, in the form of a Ruffled Fichu, that is yet to complete. In my head, that is an East project…

So, I have not been idle.

Good bye North!

PS4 North mosaic

We will not say our farewells for ever – indeed, some of the unfinished and not-yet-started projects are candidates for continuation. To be honest, I am less concerned about failure at this point than I am about falling off the UFO-completion wagon. For the next phase of PS4, I intend to be less ambitious. I want to complete outstanding North projects, older UFOs, and I also have another man sweater to knit.

Forward plans tomorrow.

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