We are not having a productive week. My Laeticia sock is on my desk, but I only manage odd rows now and again. I had hoped that it would make the March FO list, but ’tis not to be. My arm and shoulder are still acting up after recent exertions and only a little time on the computer is needed to set things a-burning and an a-aching. I am becoming very grumpy with it.

Puzzling is not going well this week. We seem to have lost our knack and consequently are close to losing our heart as well. Perhaps a day away from our desks tomorrow will help. It’s the semi-regular massive shopping trip to Kirkwall tomorrow. I dread it, always. I confess that I hate to leave my little island…

Tomorrow I shall take my sock, though don’t expect to do much on it as it is a little complex for the boat. Mr L will print puzzles for us to work on while we sail. I shall take my camera in the hope of spotting the Norwegian training ship that has been in dock this week. With my luck she will be long gone before our boat gets to town.

That’s it, really. Early start tomorrow, long day in town, lost of tidying to do when we get home, collapse into bed exhausted. Thursday – do nothing, recovery day.

In short, nothing to report.

Have a wee vignette:

Mr L: “Shall I get puzzle food?”

The Woolgatherer: “Eh?”

Mr L: “While I’m starting the car, I might as well go and buy chocolate.”

I look at him, blankly

Mr L: “I need to move the car out of the wind to boost the battery.” (the car has a knack of refusing to start on ferry days, so we now charge the battery as a precaution.)

The Woolgatherer:“Oooh, yes please”

Mr L: “See you soon”

Sooner than he thought! He was soon back in the house, not having gone anywhere.

Mr L: “Put your shoes on, we need to push the car back.”

Good job we tried that, then.

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