Other People

  1. Yesterday we had mail from our old bank – we are closing the account, and have moved all our funds to our new bank, but they haven’t actioned the closure yet. The letter told us of a cheque that had just been presented and they wanted funds to cover it, plus £29 in fees. We were mystified. As we had destroyed our cheque books we were unable to check the problem out and had to ring the bank up.

    Investigation revealed that a cheque for £5.10 written on the 14th July had just been presented.

    (Full marks to the RBS One Account – for voluntarily waiving the fee without our having to request that)

  2. A “client” who wants to come to see us about a web site sent a subsequent email at the weekend, explaining that they want to consult us to find out what questions they should be asking when they go to see a web designer.

    They want our (free) time and our expertise – to advise them on how to present their business to a competitor.

    (Clearly we are never going to become rich. Perhaps our rewards will come in Heaven…)

  3. We just spent half an hour on the phone with the two of us attempting to assist FiL with his prize crossword (a weekly event.) He needed a five letter word E-I-S, meaning Arab Princess. At the outset, Mr L enquired “are you sure it’s princess, not princes?” “No, it’s princess” quoth Mr L Snr. After half an hour’s fruitless struggling and checking other answers for the letters we had – we gave up. One last enquiry from Mr L: “How are you spelling Princess?

    Princess – spelled P.R.I.N.C.E.S., the old feller said…

    (Well, what can you do except go find your sense of humour in the location that you misplaced it.)

Is it me? Or are other people just plain bonkers/awkward/unfathomable? Are they sent just to try us?

Some days I wish had stayed in bed. And there’s not a drop of chocolate in the entire house!

Right – now I need to go and brew some soup for lunch. Comfort food today.

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