A small matter of impatience

Having knitted two swatches of the cashmere yesterday, I washed and blocked them last night. They bloom beautifully. I knitted both on 3.25mm – one with a single thread, the other with two. Oddly, the latter seems more than twice as thick as the former. I would happily make a jumper at that weight. The single seems a little flimsy and I would be tempted to go down a needle size, perhaps.


I swatched, as you can see, for a Morning Surf – wrap-sized was the plan, in multi shades. I hadn’t got as far as deciding whether or not to do a single of a double weight project.

The funny thing is, I found that having just completed a scarf in that stitch pattern, and then done two swatches, everything in me said that I had climbed that particular mountain. I began to look for a more challenging pattern, for  a full sized shawl.

So why then do I find myself doing this?


It’s an Alhambra “little nothing” scarf pattern from Knitspot. I think it will look fantastic in this colour.

I think impatience plays its part here. I’ll do a large project in multiple shades of this yarn, but I am eager, having swatched, to see something finished. So, a small project it is, for now. It may be small, by the way, but it’s not exactly nothing: an 18 row repeat of proper lace knitting i.e. lace pattern on both sides and no plain rows to rest on and speed things up.

I am staying with the 3.25mm needles, as the recommended size for this pattern. The scarf should be approximately weightless!

I have just half of the first repeat done. Am knitting off the (coneless) cone as I am too impatient to wait for the loan of a ball winder tomorrow. I had to cast on now. (Let’s hope that I don’t end up in an impossibly tangled mess.)

Childish, isn’t it?

But it’s the colour, you know? It’s beckoning me to show it off at a size – to find out how it looks…

Do you think this is a water project? I mean… is it a blue? or a green? There’s certainly blue in it. It looks more Water than Earth, to me at least. My camera saw it as a pure blue, oddly enough. I had to tweak the image to get it closer to the colour that my eyes see.

Ravelry: Sky and Water (Tell me why this project has this name, if you can. The best/closest answer might well take a share in my cashmere booty.)

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