Looking at the calendar, it occurs to me that I should be making my mind up whether or not I am going to be doing Blogathon this year. I missed it last year due to being ill but thoroughly enjoyed the event the year previously.

I was wondering about Blogathon 2008 – The Progress of The Sock. A kind of sockathon. See how much sock I can knit in 24 hours, with photos and brief blogs. Or maybe Spinathon… get some of that fibre stash busted and write about that…

The trouble is, I know that blogging every half hour does not leave much actual time over for knitting or spinning… especially if there are photos to edit and upload. What if I only knit one inch of sock all day/night?

My nominated charity this year would likely be the RNLI. The RSPCA benefited last time.

I wonder if my spinning ladies would like to tackle a team effort? Maybe a Sheep-to-Shawl project or Sheep-to-Sock… we could raffle off the finished item to raise extra cash. Or perhaps the Weekend Whirls could form a blog team for Blogathon. Maybe 4 people, blogging once every two hours on a rota basis – that would leave plenty of time to make spinning progress and have something to blog about.

It’s a thought. Bet I couldn’t talk ’em into it, though 🙂

Who else is mad enough to stay up for 24 hours of blogging? ‘cept Fenny, of course.

In the other hand, what an excellent promotional vehicle for the Sanday Spinners it could be… but what would a suitable charity be?

Hmmm, given fair weather, an outdoor sheep-to-shawl, on the beach at midnight… a real attention grabber…

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  1. SpinningGill
    April 26, 2008

    How about on mid-summer’s night?

  2. April 28, 2008

    That would be good, but unfortunately it’s a fixed date.

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