Forehead>Bloody Desk See the blood? SEE it???


It took all afternoon, but I ended up with an inch and a half of beautiful, soft, dusky pink, evenly neat ribbing.

I did the increase.

I did the knit row.

I put in the stitch markers (improvised from lengths of differently coloured yarns)

I knitted the first row of lace pattern

and knitted another row – ooh, it was looking lovely

I began the second row of the lace pattern and…

…it was wrong. Too many stitches. (already???)

I began to tink but found that I just couldn’t see the teensy tiny stitches. I need new glasses.

“I won’t mess,” thought I, “I’ll just rip it back to the rib, and start the lace again – but maybe not in the half light next time.” Eminently sensible, I’m sure

BUT (and there is always a but) I found the teensy tiny rib stitches just as difficult to deal with

“I won’t mess,” thought I, “I’ll just rip it out, and start again – but maybe not in the half light next time.” Eminently sensible, I’m sure (- and with a distinct sense of déjà vu)

BUT (and there is always a but) it’s cashmere lace, isn’t it? And it does NOT take to being unpicked and re-knitted.

I cast on again and have done a few rows but it looks like a dog’s breakfast now.

The yarn is too expensive to throw out the length that I unpicked. I shall have to live with it and assume that it will all come right in the wash.

One thing is for sure: no more knitting on these mittens unless I am as fresh as a daisy and the ambient light is good. And, when I do knit on them, I shall be working very slowly and very carefully.

It’s the knitting goddess again, isn’t it? She’s beating me up because I am supposed to be slipping and cabling.


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