Itchy fingers

I need to knit. It feels like ages since I had my needles out. There are so many UFOs to pick up and crack on with, and loads of new projects in my head but, most of all, I am just craving the act of knitting. I need to promise myself some knitting time this week. The only problem is, I am getting a lot of discomfort in my left hand. It’s not the spinning, because I haven’t been spinning since Wednesday morning. It may be the spinning that has kicked it off/made me aware of it, but this is now feeling like a chronic problem. I wake every morning to find my thumb joints really aching and all my top finger joints are stiff and achey. I am pretty sure that the top thumb joint is enlarged too. It’s looking like old age is setting in with a vengeance. Maybe if I just rest it… but I really do want to be knitting!

If I do knit, I may cast on something new. I feel like I need a quick one-skein/large needle fix. I’d like to see something on and off the needles again in one afternoon, really. Then I can pick up some socks in progress or renew my battle with the beaded shawl, or something.

I shall whip the Araucania into a quick hat  or bag or something. I’ll call it a PS3 project, and defend the need to cast on anew 😉

Overall, I feel the need to cast off a few of these WIPs that are lying around the house. Then I can whittle down some stash, while I carry on creating more stash on my wheel… ARGH!

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  1. SpinningGill
    February 24, 2008

    Have you come across cider vinegar for creaky joints. We have it twice a day and it does seem to help. Put 1tsp of runny honey in a glass/cup of hot water and add 2tsp cider vinegar.

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