2 Day’s Monday

(I cannot believe that I did that. However, accuracy in quoting and all that…)

The first load of bedding is in the washing machine.

The bread dough is rising.

The porcini for lunchtime’s soup are soaking.

I am on coffee number 2.

Any moment now I shall have to move the cats in order to get the duvet cover off the bed and into the wash. They are not going to like that very much, it’s a grey wet miserable day.

I appear to be on schedule with the laundry, though slightly ahead on the soooo-up. Many thanks to Roger McGough and co. for the light entertainment. I need to crack on a bit now and get all my work done this morning. I have MOOCs to study this afternoon. Future Learn managed to restore my enrolment on the Android programming course and I caught up with that over the weekend. Today is the beginning of week 3, and the Web Science module begins today. Hence the soup. It’s a lick and a promise all around today, in order to generate time and space for myself. One thing that I desperately need to do is to find the dead rodent. It is becoming very whiffy in here…

Ooops, the lights have gone out on my keyboard. Any moment now the typing will fail. It is time for a charge. I cannot work while it is charging – for some reason it sends my mouse crazy. I shall have to plug in and get charged up before knuckling down to my MOOCs.

I’d best get busy with the Dyson, before Mr L’s first meeting of the day begins.


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