Well, WordPress appear confident that when publicising posts to Facebook, a featured image is selected for display. I’ve been looking at debugging info but nothing strikes a chord and I don’t seem to have any plugin conflicts… and yet FB is now arbitrarily selecting the first  image to appear in the post rather than the (almost always carefully selected) featured image. Worse still, FB is presenting that as an image posted to FB and people are “liking” (GOD HOW I HATE THAT LIKE BUTTON!) that image not following through to read the post. In fact FB doesn’t even make it clear that there is a post to be read.  What a heap of   crap.

I wonder what happens if I attach a featured image but don’t add a pic to the post. I think I’ll try that now. Any old pic will do?

I’ll most likely turn off auto Publicising. If you want to read my drivel you’ll have to come here to do it.


Yes, I am crusty and annoyed this morning. I’m up early and ready to take Treacle into town. He took a nosedive last night and is in considerable pain. It’s a long day to  little effect as I shan’t be able to fit anything else in. Going via Eday on both directions and unable to go up to the lounge, it will be tedious indeed. Poor Treacle is forced to travel in a draughty passageway – and I must join him.

I’m taking a camera but cannot promise that it will see any use. Likewise the knitting.

Dammit. Must get some brekkie or I shall starve until teatime.


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