Brioche Part 2

The Brioche went into the oven after lunch, but not until after it had been painted with egg wash. Reminder of how it appeared before rising Ten minutes at 180°C in my fan oven, followed by 25 minutes at 160°C resulted in this Which I hope you will agree, looks almost good enough to eat 🙂 It […]


Baking Bucket List: Brioche

So why have I never made Brioche before? It’s extremely straightforward! I was tempted to say “easy” but I shall bite my tongue until the results emerge from the oven. I used the recipe from the River Cottage Handbook #3 and the locally available white bread flour. The recipe was recently reproduced at The Guardian, […]

Sh-Owl and Tell

I have been very restrained of late and done little shopping – it is amazing what a four figure overdraft can do for a girl’s resolve. On the other hand, I have never claimed to be perfect. Some funds have come in to my personal account though knitting up my stash for other people and […]