What’s the Point?

There’s a new shawl on the needles this morning. Just a wee one skein fingering weight shoulder shawl/triangular scarf.

Why? What’s the point? I need one more of those like I need a hole in the head.

Well, in fact, there are several points. It’s nice garter-stitch-based comfort knitting. It’s a lovely bright colour to cheer me up in the present gloom. It’s using up stash (Dream in Color Smooshy). It’s a simple knit that yields an eminently wearable item.

But the real point is that it is is a fund raiser.

Rosemary Hill (aka Romi) has produced the pattern, Brandywine Shawl, to raise funds for Doctors Without Borders (aka MSF) as Help for Haiti. Romi is the brain behind such favourites as Muir, Ice Queen, Bitterroot and, my own favourite, Waves of Grain. She also produces the most fabulous shawl pins, of which I own only one as yet… (give me time!)

Romi is aiming to sell 10,000 copies of this pattern and is donating $5.00 for each pattern sold at $6.50. This post is my part in helping to send this pattern viral…

I purchased the pattern this morning, rummaged in my stash, found some needles, and cast on. The shawl is knitted from the point up, with the edging knitted as you go – this enables you to knit a shawl of any size. I’ve just completed the point. I’ll continue knitting at Craft Club tonight and I’m aiming to be an early finisher on this one.

The point is: that the people of Haiti will need your help for many years to come. MSF are first in and last out. They are free of affiliation to any Government or body. They are free to spend your donations in the way that does the most good and most quickly. They help in major disasters and they help in all the small unpublicised crises too. Please keep on giving.

Don’t forget, buying this pattern enables you to enter my draw to win my handspun beaded Bitterrrot shawl – so if you do buy a copy, leave a comment here and I’ll add you to the draw, on 1st March.

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  1. What a gorgeous color!!! Thank you so much for writing about my pattern! With your help, I’ve already sent $1,000 off to MSF and am on my way to sending more soon. Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Stash diving now–cannot wait to cast on this beautiful shawl. Wonderful of Romi to donate so much to Haitian relief.

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